Wendy Steele understands the impact of generosity and has been encouraging philanthropy for most of her adult life.  In 2001 she launched and led an innovative pass-through foundation called Impact100 which brings transformational grants to the communities it serves across five broad focus areas: Culture, Education, Environment, Family and Health & Wellness. Today, her concept has been replicated in many cities around the globe and continues to expand. Beyond Impact100, Wendy serves as a guide to introduce the power of generosity to organizations and families who are ready for the journey.

Wendy is the winner of the 2014 Jefferson Award for Public Service for her work in philanthropy. Her work is noted in several books including, The Transformative Power of Women’s Philanthropy; Women, Wealth and Giving,  Women’s Giving Circles; The Right Sisters – Modern Women Inventors. Wendy believes wholeheartedly in giving back to her community. Whether giving time, talent or treasure; Wendy, her husband and their 5 children are active volunteers. She believes that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who see the needs in this world and realize they can be a part of the solution and those who still need to be invited to the party.

About the Founder, Wendy H. Steele

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At Generosity Matters, we meet you where you are in the journey of generosity. We take an assessment of your organization and work with you to implement changes - large or small - to help build a culture of generosity in your team. When we do, you'll find your team is more engaged and optimistic, you will see measurable results. As the culture grows, so do the results. We will reassess along the way to ensure we are all on the right path.

A culture of generosity can transform your organization and your family. We would love to show you how. You've found success, now let's work on significance.